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Smile Politely is hiring a Culture Editor

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We are looking to hire an editor for our Culture section. 

Editors are responsible for curating content within their section, including editing the work of writers, recruiting and working with writers, and contributing their own articles on a regular basis. This is a not-quite-part-time position, as it works out to about five to ten hours a week. Editors are paid a quarterly honorarium. The best candidates are ones who are engaged with the local community, interested in storytelling and showcasing Champaign-Urbana’s culture within the magazine, and generally excited to be involved with the magazine as a community journalism project. Is that you?

At Smile Politely we uphold progressive values of inclusivity and anti-racism. We want to center the voices and stories of people and communities in C-U that have been excluded. To that end, we encourage applicants from historically excluded groups.

C-U has one of the most diverse, intelligent, and interesting communities in the state. Our Culture section highlights those people, places, and events that make us proud to live here. It’s the section that is broadest in scope, yet has the most opportunity for exploring niche topics. Culture Editor candidates should be interested and involved in the community, and willing to explore new avenues for storytelling. Culture covers everything from local businesses and business owners to comedy, politics, gardening, gaming, and sports. 

Interested in applying, or have questions about the responsibilities of the position? Applications should include a brief introduction, why you’re interested in the position, and links (or attachments) to some writing samples. Please send your materials to [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you!

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