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Snap Review: Custard Cup in Danville, Ill.

After another fabulous outing to Danville Stadium, to take in a few Chicago-style red hots, and a ball game, we couldn’t resist heading north on Vermillion Ave. (which is Highway 1 in Illinois — also known as Halsted Ave. in Chicago) to ingest a bit of goodness from the original Jarling’s Custard Cup.

Simply put: it’s not as good. The prices are way lower than in Champaign, but there is something about the consistency and the flavor that is absolutely different. I had a scoop of lemon with cold fudge, and it tasted like Betty Crocker lemon cake with frosting. It’s a far cry from the lemon here, which tastes subtle, with just “a hint of ginger” according to my friend Robert.

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