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Spice up your life with these C-U seasonings and marinades

If you’re looking for ways to cook with more flavor, local spice maker JAPatt has you covered. Operated by C-U local John Patterson, this business sells fifty items online to take your cooking up a notch. It’s not just dried spices; he makes marinades, sauces, and more.

Photo from JAPatt’s Facebook page.

There are seasonings like chili lime and garlic Parmesan, but also you can find some fun flavors like hot damn, blazin’ ranch, ugly ranch, angry lemon pepper, and Cajun Parmesan. For $7, there are marinades that are spicy or made for seafood. On the site, you can browse jarred sauces like BBQ sauce, habanero heat, spicy honey mustard, lemon teriyaki, and dat 2 a.m. sauce. There are some options for breading, too, if you want to bread your chicken, fish, or pork without having to mix up something yourself. He also sells a 12 ounce bottle of garlic butter flavor injection for only $5, and although I’m not sure what that is or how I’d even inject that into something, I still want it.

There is free delivery for Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy orders.

Take a look at the website here, and take a peek at all the offerings.

Photo from JAPatt’s Facebook page.

Be sure to follow the business on Facebook here for more updates, photos, and videos.

Top image from JAPatt’s website.

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