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Spurlock Museum is seeking materials for a Quinceañeras exhibit

Spurlock Museum is looking to the community to help create a Quinceañeras exhibit this fall. From their Facebook post

Quinceañeras are typically a coming-of-age practice for girls turning fifteen in much of US Latina/o/x and Latin American cultures. The festivities prove to be irresistible to mediated representations of Latinidad as well as to cultural assertions of ethnicity. Linking media, gender, and material culture, this project seeks to document and chart quinceañera representations and performances of gender through an archive of saved artifacts. We aim to showcase quinceañeras of different genders, sexualities, ethnicities, and financial statuses in order to explore the relevance of the event in contemporary conceptions of girlhoods, especially in the U.S. Latinx context.

They will accept a wide range of artifacts, including but not limited to clothing, accessories (such as tiaras, veils, costume jewelry), bibles and other gifts, and photos and videography. They are also looking for people willing to be interviewed about their quinceañeras. Submissions are due by May 1st, and you can email [email protected] with questions. 

Find all of the details here.

Top photo from Spurlock Museum website.

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