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Stories & Beer’s swan song for Aaron Burch

Saturday, May 7th | Indi Go Gallery | 6 p.m. | BYOB

The final Stories & Beer (of the academic year) is upon us. On top of that, this will be Aaron Burch’s last event as co-organizer and host.

As such, we’re doing it up party-style. All are welcome to attend — you know, assuming you’re of legal drankin’ age. And as always, the event is free. We will, howeverl have Chris Newgent slanging reading material that he’s personally VOUCHED for, so don’t come without any cash. You know, just in case.

Finally, since we’re doing this at Indi Go, you bring the beer, we bring the stories.

Now behold, our *BADASS* lineup:
Andrew Scott
Bryan Furuness
Sean Lovelace
Christopher Newgent
Roxane Gay
Lania Knight
Jac Jemc

and of course, Aaron Burch is highly likely to do some reading too.

See you there!


Old Stuff:

Stories & Beer | Sunday, April 10th | 4 p.m. | The Iron Post | Free

We’re out of the art gallery and back in the bar. Here are our readers for this Sunday, for whom the adjective that comes to mind is robust:

  • Two UIUC faculty, one of whom, Alex Shakar, has a book forthcoming later this year, and the other, Michael Madonick is a great writer despite being very stodgy and generally boring to listen to.
  • Sara Gelston, a current MFAer, general badass.
  • Matthew Gavin Frank, a returning UIUC alum who has published a million books in the last two years or so
  • Carter Edwards, the author of one of S&B host Aaron Burch’s favorite story from the most recent issue of Hobart(and also producer and director of the Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company);
  • Patrick Somerville, the author of The Cradle and The Universe in Miniature in Miniature (who has all but promised to do his “bear tapdance thing”). 

S&B | Sunday, March 13th | Indi Go Art Gallery | 6 p.m. | BYOB

Since being roused from our slumber, Stories & Beer has decided to wander, at first unsteadily, then with newfound determination, into a new den. We decided that, just this once, we’d invade Indi Go Art Gallery to help kick off the U of I Creative Writing Department’s second annual Early Spring Literary Festival. Come by for a can of beer, a glass of wine (BYOB, but rest assured there will be plenty to share if you happen to forget) and a story or two — on the house.

What: Stories (and ambient art) consumed with a healthy dose of beer.

Where: The Iron Post  Indi Go Gallery (located next to the Brass Rail, if you need a landmark)

When: Sunday, March 13th, 2011 at 6 p.m. sharp(ish)

Why: Well, we’ll have a bunch of badass authors, and perhaps more importantly, a bunch of beer and wine, provided compliments of Team S&B.

How: Magic

Who: You, a bunch of art, some booze, and these folks:

Jim Ruland
Dave Housley
Chad Simpson
Ted Sanders
Laura Adamczyk

After spending the late fall/early winter in a Stories & Beerless seasonal depression only to have our hearts broken on Valentine’s Day, Aaron and I decided to emerge from our respective caves and get the old gang back together.  Just in time for President’s Day.

Here’s the plan:

What: Stories consumed with a healthy dose of beer.

Where: The Iron Post

When: Sunday, February 20, 2011 at 4 p.m. sharp(ish)

Why: See “What”

How: Magic

Who: You, of course, but we also do our best to bring you a mix of visiting, local, and university affiliated writers. 

The roster for this week is as follows:

Matt Minicucci

Ashley Booth

Daniel Wolff

Michael Peirson



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