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Take a look at Urbana’s old school Sea Merchant menu

Of course, everyone knows that Facebook is the worst place on the internet. But its saving grace are pages like Champaign-Urbana History, which is really just an endless river of memories and discussion about our beloved little twin cities.  

Recently, one of the more active participants, Mary Beberman Heine, a former employee of Urbana’s Sea Merchant, posted into the group with photos of the menu circa early 1980s. 

If you remember the joint, you’ll feel the way the rest of us did upon checking it out again. 

Situated on Perkins and Cunningham, currently, the building is an El Toro Bravo Loco of some sort. Before that, it was Montana Mike’s (or something) and before that, it was a pretty decent chain steakhouse called Ned Kelly’s. 


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