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Tasty Tart teams up with Polar’s Pastry for a Valentine special

Tasty Tart is a little shop on Neil Street that bakes up fresh tarts daily. For this Valentine’s Day, Tasty Tart is teaming up with Polar’s Pastry, a new woman-owned business that gives ten percent of profits to dog rescues. 

These two businesses are collaborating to bring Champaign-Urbana cookies that can be personalized with love notes and a special tart box tied up with a ribbon. I reached out to learn a bit more about this sweet match-up.

Smile Politely: For Valentine’s Day, Tasty Tart is collaborating with Polar’s Pastry for customized cookies in addition to your famous tarts. How did you connect with Polar’s Pastry?

Tasty Tart: We have been wanting to collaborate with more businesses, especially local businesses during this hard time. We want to bring more varieties of treats to all the friends supporting us along the way.

As Valentine’s Day is coming around the corner, Tasty Tart launched the Sweets Box with four yummy tarts. Among the four tarts, two of them are special limited flavors only in the box: raspberry chocolate and very berry; the other two are classic flavors [from the regular menu]: lemon and cookies ‘n cream.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, we firstly think about love letters which are where the collaboration with Polar’s Pastry started. Polar’s Pastry offers three kinds of shortbread cookie boxes: all of them will come with customized love letter cookies. With these customized love letter cookies, you may deliver your love, your emotions, any message (such as Happy Valentine’s Day and I love you, John) to your beloved with these unique and lovely cookies.

As you may wonder who Polar is, Polar is an Australian cattle dog as well as the soul of Polar’s Pastry. It is the unconditional love and endless happiness Polar brings to his family making his human start doing more for doggies. What makes Polar’s Pastry even more special is their 10% of profits going to dog rescue programs and organizations throughout the country.

SP: How did you connect with Tasty Tart?

Polar’s Pastry: I’ve tried their tarts and supported Tasty Tart since they opened last year. After several conversations, we both would like to grow together and make life sweeter with handmade treats as well as expand more varieties of desserts. I reached out to them to see if there’s any chance that we can collaborate. As many discussions and meetings during the past months, we tested, developed, and finalized the cookies boxes by Polar’s Pastry and sweets boxes by Tasty Tart with some pairing flavors for this Valentine’s Day.

Photo provided by Tasty Tart.

SP: Have you tried any of the cookies from Polar’s Pastry? Which do you think pairs best with the Valentines sweet tarts box?

Tasty Tart: Yes, for sure. We have tried all of them before collaborating with Polar’s Pastry and loved all the three boxes. The best pair is definitely You Are My Jam. In this box, there are jam cookies and customized love letter cookies. Pairing with Tasty Tart’s Sweets Box, the jam cookies in You Are My Jam come with berry flavors, making this Valentine’s Day sweeter and more lovely.

Polar’s Pastry: Honestly, I love every and each cookie in our boxes. Among the shortbread cookies, jam cookies, and icing cookies, I would go with Love Letter Box since it has more varieties of cookies like jam cookies, lemon icing cookies, sandwich cookies, and customized cookies.

SP: Have you tried any of the tarts from Tasty Tart? Which do you think pairs best with your cookies?

Polar’s Pastry: As one of the many fans of Tasty Tart and also a berry lover, I’ve tried almost every flavor, and my favorite is their fresh mixed fruit tarts. Combining custard, strawberry fillings, and three kinds of fruits, mixed fresh fruit tarts are so delicious with the taste and the sweetness level. It’s amazing and delightful that they bake delicate handmade desserts every day.

As mentioned above, berries are the connection for Valentine’s Day between Polar’s You Are My Jam and Tasty Tart’s Sweets Box. You Are My Jam comes with three flavors of sandwich jam cookies: strawberry, raspberry, and peanut butter as well as customized love letter cookies. I think it pairs well with the Very Berry tart in the Sweets Box by Tasty Tart. The Very Berry tart has berries, and berries are also added in cookie boxes from Polar’s Pastry. You are my jam and my berry special person!

SP: Talk to me a bit more about the Tasty Tart’s Sweets Box and Polar’s cookies. What inspired the holiday flavors?

Tasty Tart: Thinking about Valentine’s Day, some flavors are immediately associated like chocolate and strawberry. With the bright red color and enticing taste, strawberries and raspberry are included in the Sweets Box. Combining these ideas in one box, Tasty Tart offers the Sweets Box with one lemon tart, one raspberry chocolate, one very berry, and cookies ‘n cream.

Polar’s Pastry: We believe that berries are one of the significant symbols with the red color, the delicious flavor, and the romantic fragrance. For a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your lover, your friend, or your family, Polar’s Pastry also offers customized love letter cookies in each cookie box that you can customize with texts, greetings, and names on the cookies.

Photo provided by Tasty Tart.

The Tasty Tart + Polar’s Pastry preorder boxes will be available for pick-up and delivery from February 10th to February 14th. For the free delivery, you must be within the four mile radius in addition to ordering at least five tarts or at least one cookie box. You can also pick up in store, or if you’re out of the free four mile radius, you can pay a $3 delivery fee. 

Check out our review of the eight tarts on the regular menu from Tasty Tart. You can add any of the classic flavors from their regular menu to your Valentine’s order. Put your order in here.

Tasty Tart
405 S Neil St
10 a.m. to 6 p.m., daily

Top image provided by Tasty Tart.

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