Smile Politely

Tatyana McFadden has won the Chicago Marathon

And she placed second in the Boston Marathon, which took place one day after she won in Chicago — Chicago was October 10th; Boston October 11th. Like, is that even enough time to fly out to Boston and recover and sleep and eat? The University of Illinois grad is an incredible athlete — a GOAT! Oh, and she finished third in the London Marathon on October 3rd. That’s three marathons (78.6 miles) in eight days in places that are as much as 3,945 miles apart. 

I hope McFadden is recuperating in whatever way she finds best, but may I suggest ice cream? 

Congrats are also in order for Daniel Romanchuk, who trained at the University of Illinois for the Tokyo Olympics, who won in Chicago and placed second in Boston. 

Top image from Tatyana McFadden’s Twitter page.


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