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The Canopy Club turns 25 this year

A concert stage with musicians on it and a large crowd in front. On the stage are at least four band members, each playing their own instruments. The lighting is very colorful, with purples and reds on the sides of the stage and green, blue, and yellow coming from the middle in a starburst pattern.
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The Canopy Club is celebrating its 25th birthday. It first opened in 1998; this entire year will have special events and celebrations. You can stay up-to-date on weekly shows by checking out The Overture each Monday, and we’ll share any updates to forthcoming special events. 

Read a portion of the press release about this birthday year below. 


25 Years Under The Canopy As The Home For Live Music In CU

URBANA, IL – The Canopy Club has started their celebrations of 25 Years Under The Canopy with the start of the New Year. First opening their doors in 1998, Canopy Club has served as the Home For Live Music in CU and Beyond for 25 Years. The anniversary will be celebrated throughout the entire year of 2023 with live music and events spanning genres of all kinds, while also diving back into the history that has brought the venue to this monumental milestone. Canopy Club is proud to offer diversity in entertainment and cater to many different tastes.

After reaching the quarter century milestone, Canopy Club owner Ian Goldberg has stated, “25 years ago I had a dream of bringing people from various backgrounds and musical tastes together under one canopy to enjoy music and entertainment as one, laughing away their differences and finding common ground.  Little did we know that in another century more than 2 decades later, that dream would be needed more than ever. Live music and art is what brings a community together.  The Canopy Club has been proud to be Central Illinois’ home for live music for 25 years.  Featuring music and theater and art from all different genres,  Rock, to Electronic, Jazz, to R&B, we hope it is a home in which we can all put aside our differences and just enjoy and be happy for a little while. Thank you to the CU community for all of the support over these 25 years!!”


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