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The City of Champaign has extended the private security contract in Downtown

The city building in Champaign. The light-stone building is pictured from a perserpective looking slightly upward toward the green hexagonal tower.
Anna Longworth

AGB Investigative Services will continue to patrol Downtown Champaign through the rest of this year. Per reporting in the News-Gazette, the City Council voted unanimously to approve this contract extension. 

The new contract “will double the size of the private security roster, up to eight company officers and two supervisors. Along with radios and their body cameras, officers will now carry pepper spray in the effort to prevent death or great bodily harm, police said.” 

Yes, you read that correctly: These ten security officers and supervisiors will now carry pepper spray. As the Editorial Board wrote in September, there are still some unanswered questions with regard to how effective their presence is in Downtown. 


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