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The Danville City Council is trying to block the opening of an abortion clinic

A brick red rectangular sign that says DANVILLE MUNICIPAL BUILDING in gold letters. It is surrounded by flower beds and decorative grasses.
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Earlier this year, Ladonna Prince, administrator of the Clinic for Women in Indianapolis, indicated plans to open a clinic in the former Dillman Eye Care Center in Danville. Now, the Danville City Council has introduced an ordinance that would block the clinic from opening. The Public Services Committee voted 3-1 to recommend the ordinance to a full City Council vote. According to Vermillion County First, the ordinance “involves prohibiting the reception, by mail, of ‘any article or thing designed, adapted, or intended for producing an abortion.'” Such an ordinance would make operating a clinic in the City of Danville impossible. This is happening in a state with many protections for abortion care.

You can read the full language of the ordinance here, beginning on page 123.

The full vote will happen during the Danville City Council meeting on Tuesday, May 2nd, at 6 p.m., at 17 W Main Street, in case you’d like to voice opposition to this action.

It should be noted that Danville currently has a crisis pregnancy center, the Women’s Care Clinic, with a website brimming with misleading information about abortion.

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