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The Land Connection is doing a virtual CSA fair

A colorful collection of produce sits on a metal table. There are green stalks of green onion, four red tomatoes, a small container of orange peppers, two purple eggplants, and a bunch of greens.
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Yes the ground is covered in snow, but it’s already time to start making CSA plans for the spring and summer. We became a CSA house a few years ago, and I really enjoy it. It’s encouraged me to get creative in my cooking, whether I’ve had to look up how to use garlic scapes, or how to find yet another use for zucchini.

Of course not every CSA involves produce. You can also find ones that do flowers, eggs, or meat. Head over to the Land Connection website to see the area offerings they’ve posted. They will continually update the page as they get more information from area farms. If you see one that you are interested in, I would recommend signing up ASAP. Spots tend to fill up quickly.

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