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The Sakura didn’t bloom, but you can still enjoy spring at Japan House

A close of up of a light pink flower on a bare branch of a tree. There is blue sky in the background.
Julie McClure

Some things are just out of our control, and whether the Sakura bloom in full each year at Japan House is one of those things. The extreme weather highs and lows this winter kept the buds from being able to form as usual. It’s definitely a bummer, but it also doesn’t mean there’s no reason to spend some time vising the Japan House gardens this spring.

The weather is warm, but not too hot. The bugs aren’t out in full force yet, and I found other lovely blooming trees while I spent a moment there today. Just don’t delay…these flowers will also be fleeting! The magnolias were already shedding their petals.

A large flowering tree with white petals. There are white petals scattered around the base of the tree, and a path that runs alongside it.
Julie McClure
Close up of a flowering tree with small bright pink petals on its branches. In the background there is a grassy area and a pond.
Julie McClure
Close up of a flowering bush with light pink and white flowers and small green leaves.
Julie McClure

Also, you might catch a glimpse of Doug Dog. I didn’t see him today, but it’s a goal in life.

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