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The Art Nerd Club offers community for local artists

Local artists who would like to meet with other artists to share work, get some peer reviews, and build community can join the Art Nerd Club. Founded by Carol Farnum and Kelly Hieronymus they meet at the Art Coop in Lincoln Square Mall once a month with the aim to “strengthen the bond between artists and challenge each other with our own work. It is a place to bounce ideas around or discuss the business of art or take specifics of technique or open yourself up to vulnerability.” All are welcome and encouraged to bring a piece of work to share. 

The group has grown enough that they’ve decided to host a show, and artists will give at least 10% of their proceeds to 40 North. Want to be a part of it? All you need to do is come to their next meeting — this Sunday, August 12th from 1-3 p.m — and bring your artwork to share. To keep up to date about meetings, you can join the closed group on Facebook. Just search for Art Nerd Club.

Photo from Facebook

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