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The Butcher to include Flora’s Chicken Shack

At this point, you have probably familiarized yourself with The Butcher, a local butcher shop opening in Urbana fairly soon. Today, Josh Boyd & Co. created a Facebook page for Flora’s Chicken Shack, which will be a portion of what The Butcher will bring to the table.

Early last summer, Carmon’s Bistro (R.I.P.) hosted a “pop-up dinner”, which featured this delicious fried chicken. Take a look at our coverage of it, and try not to drool.

Anyway, per their first post:

Hey everyone! As you all know due to my fried chicken pop ups at Carmon’s and Black Dog, I love fried chicken. Even more so, I love my Great Grandma Flora’s fried chicken recipe the most. As a dedication to her and so I can have a chance to eat some myself, this will be a thing at The Butcher twice a month after we open! Cheers!

Can’t wait for this.

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