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The Champaign City Council wants your input

Have your say! What do you want the City of Champaign to focus on over the next two years? The Champaign City Council is asking for public input ahead of meetings at the end of September to set their vision and goals. From their website:

The City Council sets the vision for the City and adopts goals to reflect that vision and guide decision-making at all levels of City government. The goal setting process builds Council consensus on policies and projects that impact City residents, businesses and the community as a whole.  The City Manager uses the City Council’s vision and goals to set priorities, direct work activities, and allocate staffing and financial resources.

The Champaign City Council will meet September 26 & 27, 2017, to establish their vision and goals for the City to focus on over the next two years. The City welcomes the public’s input on this important process, and encourages residents to complete the following two-question survey. Printed surveys are also available from the City Manager’s Office (102 N Neil St., Champaign). Survey responses are due by September 13, 2017.

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