Smile Politely

The City of Champaign swore in its first female-majority City Council last night

For the first time in its history, the Champaign City Council is now run by a majority of Councilwomen, as opposed to Councilmen, who have controlled the City Council for the entirety of its history. 

At last night’s City Council meeting, new Council members Alicia Beck (District 2) and Vanna Pianfetti (District 5) were sworn into their civic roles, which brings the total Councilwoman count up to five (of the nine spots available, including the Mayor).

Though, of course, the actions of these public servants matter much more than their gender, it certainly is encouraging to see women in Champaign take important steps in the city’s governance, and yet another example of C-U’s progressive nature in action. I’m excited to see what these folks can do to make our city better.

Photo by Natalie Wickman, The News-Gazette.

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