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The People’s Agenda is hosting a “Primary Primer” in January

Primaries, particularly in a non-Presidential election year, have historically low turnouts, which is not awesome. The People’s Agenda is offering a Primary Primer on January 21th (seems fitting that it’s almost exactly a year after inauguration day) to help you be informed about all of the details of the March election. This is your chance to decide who should face our friend Rodney and who’s going to go head to head with Bruce Rauner. There are also local positions up for grabs. Here are the details:

The Primary is coming! The Primary is coming!

March 20, 2018 is Primary Election Day. Primaries have historically had terrible voter turnout and then people don’t like their ballot choices in November! Let’s change that.

Join us on January 21st at 2pm in Robeson Pavilion Room A for a Primary Primer. We’ll go over all the races, candidates, seats, and ways to vote in this year’s Primary.

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