Smile Politely

The strawberry cloud drink at Tasty Tart is delicious

It’s basically an un-frozen milkshake. For $5, it was a very yummy sweet treat, especially on a beautiful warm day. If you like strawberry milkshakes, then this is the drink for you. (There are other drinks that look great, too.)

A to-go beverage held up by a white person’s hand in front of Tasty Tart in Champaign, IL. The beverage is white with pink drizzles inside of the plastic cup. Photo by Jessica Hammie.

If milky beverages aren’t your thing, consider the true-to-name tasty tarts. I sampled the fruit, cookies and cream, white chocolate blueberry, and pumpkin tarts last weekend, and they did not disappoint. There are also October/Halloween special flavors, only available through pre-orders.

You can order online

Top photo by Jessica Hammie.


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