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These Lucky Pierre doughnuts are damn good

I ate another doughnut by Lucky Pierre Bakers earlier today at Flying Machine Avionics in Midtown. I’ve had it once before. This time, it was buttermilk, and was damn good — they get them freshly delivered each day to Avionics (though, I’m not sure how often, but every time I’ve been there, they’ve had them).

The previous one I ate was Cardamom Vanilla, which I ate so quickly I didn’t even photograph it.

They’re just the right amount of sweet without being overwhelming, and they’re a little crunchier than your average doughnut. Super good.

My point is: These are worth eating. $2 each at Avionics. Buttermilk, Lemon, and Cardamom Vanilla is what I’ve seen most often, but they carry other flavors elsewhere.

The fork and knife pictured because I shared a portion of it, and for the second half I picked up and ate it with my hands. I admit though, a part of me didn’t want to get sticky fingers, too — because I’m that kind of person.

This photo belongs to me.

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