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Thirsty Thursday: Prickly pear lemonade with cherry cold foam at Cafe Kopi

A plastic cup with a bright pink drink has a light pink cold foam and Cafe Kopi branding, on a black outdoor table in Downtown Champaign.
Prickly pear lemonade with cherry cold foam at Cafe Kopi; Photo by Alyssa Buckley

I want a pretty pink drink to go with the pretty nice weather we’re having, so this week, I’m thirsty for prickly pear lemonade with cherry cold foam at Cafe Kopi. This pink drink with pink foam was a splendid summer sip and an interesting twist on lemonade. Usually Kopi’s flavored lemonade ($4.95) doesn’t have cold foam, but I added cherry cold foam ($1.25) because I am obsessed with the cold foam at Cafe Kopi (and Espresso Royale) and look for any excuse to have it.

I loved the lemonade’s bright, tart citrusy flavor and the added interest of crisp desert pear. The rich, creamy cold foam was super sweet and bursting with concentrated cherry flavor, tasting straight up amazing with the sour freshly-squeezed lemonade. Cherry foam on top made it feel special — and if we’re getting lemonade out on the town, it should be a treat. Add that fluffy cloud of deliciousness! Any syrup can flavor cold foam, but the cherry took this lemonade into something like a cherry-limeade but cherry-pear-lemonade. This prickly pear lemonade with cherry cold foam is a refreshing sip whether running errands or staying to enjoy it.

The interior of Cafe Kopi has several patrons at wooden tables.
Alyssa Buckley

Opened in 1993, Cafe Kopi is Champaign’s oldest coffee shop, located in the heart of downtown. The historic local coffee shop has great wifi, indoor dining, and patio tables with a view of Walnut Street. For more about Cafe Kopi (and all Kopi/Espresso locations), check out their website here, or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

Cafe Kopi
109 N Walnut St
7 a.m. to 8 p.m., daily

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