Smile Politely

This is a cool photo of opening night at the Virginia Theatre

The Virginia Theatre is coming up on its 100th anniversary. They opened December 28, 1921, with a showing of The Bat, a comedy-mystery play. It’s pretty cool to think about all of the performances and films that people have filled those seats for since. 

In honor of the anniversary, there will be a production of The Bat: A Mystery Drama in Three Acts on December 28-30. Here’s a description of the play, from the Virginia Theatre website:

In the play, Cornelia Van Gorder (an “elderly spinster”) and her guests spend a stormy night at Cornelia’s rented summer home, searching for stolen money they believe is hidden in the house, all the while being stalked by a masked criminal known only as “the Bat”.

Showtime is 7 p.m. each night, and tickets are $16. 

Top photo from Virginia Theatre Facebook page.

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