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THOTCRIME to tour in June

The four members of THOTCRIME standing side by side clad in purple and yellow

THOTCRIME, a multinational cybergrind quartet with ties to Champaign-Urbana, is gearing up for their upcoming tour in June. In support of their album, D1G1T4L_DR1FT, the band plans to perform in various cities from the East Coast through the Midwest. Known for blending diverse influences and utilizing online collaboration, THOTCRIME offers a distinctive sound and performance that’s going to energize audiences. Their live shows will not only entertain but also engage listeners in a discussion of modern-day issues.

Thotcrime’s long-awaited tour will finally bring the band members together for the first time while showcasing their hard-earned live performance skills, honed to provoke and entertain. The tour will feature a diverse setlist, with a strong focus on their latest release, as they visit numerous cities and collaborate with other artists. Fans can anticipate the debut of their new single, “A Better Kind of Shot,” which releases on May 12th, setting the stage for the band’s exciting journey.

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