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Ticketless Traveler release videos to accompany their 2019 album

Ticketless Traveler dropped their self-titled album last year. But over the last three weeks, they have released three (!) videos to accompany their songs. Ticketless Traveler’s album and the videos involved local musicians Paul Kotheimer, Morgan Orion, Gerry Guthrie, Patience Mudeka, Tafadzwza Diener, Jenny Goodwine, Michael Shapiro, and Carl Reisman. Since the band only gigs a few times a year, the album and the videos are a great way to get them in your ears.

Check out their video for “Simple Machines,” and the album, Ticketless Traveler, below.


Top Image: Album art from Ticketless Travelers’ self-titled album (2019).Two men are outside a large, military-style tent. One, on their knee, appears to smoke while a mirror balances on his back. The man behind him shaves with the mirror. Image from the band’s Bandcamp page.

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