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Tonight on SP Radio: Champaign moves toward letting you bring the henhouse to your backyard

Tonight on Smile Politely Radio we’re talking about the recent change to Champaign regulations that will remove the restriction on raising chickens in the Champaign city limits. (City staff will have to draft changes and amendments to the code before it is officially legal.)

Karen Carney, one of the leaders of the grassroots movement to remove the ban, and Debbie Campbell, who spoke at the recent council meeting about dispelling some of the myths around raising chickens in residential areas, will both be in the studio for the show. We’ll talk about how the restriction came about in the first place, how this most recent removal of the ban came to be, and the process of raising grassroots support to change it.

We’ll also ask both of them about the practical implications (and work) involved in raising the birds in your own backyard.

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