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Triptych Brewing plans to purchase new building; will expand production

This morning, The News-Gazette is reporting that Triptych Brewing will expand their operation to a newly-purchased building across the street from their current location in Savoy.

The new location, which will be used for expanded production, was approved by the Savoy Village Board by a unanimous decision. This, in turn, will allow for expanded seating at the current tap room, as well as the potential for Triptych to produce enough volume to warrant a distributor. The project is expected to be finished by March 1st, 2018.

For more information, check out the full News-Gazette feature here, and read a selected snippet below:

Four years after opening, Triptych Brewing Co. is planning to double its production capacity at a facility across the street.

The co-owner of the microbrewery that opened in February 2013 said it has outgrown its location at 1703 Woodfield Drive.

“Our beer has been well-received, and we’ve basically signed a distribution agreement with a distributor, so we’re sending our beer all the way out to the Quad Cities, and we’re also sending it all the way up to Chicago,” said James Voigtlander. “We just don’t have a big enough system to brew it in the batch sizes we need.”

The Savoy Planning Commission unanimously recommended to the village board a special-use permit for the new building and an amended special-use permit at the current building.

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to stay here in Savoy,” said co-owner Lyle Amacher. “We have a good, local customer base, and we’re looking to continue to be a good neighbor to the surrounding community.”

Triptych plans to buy the Flooring Surfaces Inc. store across the road and move most of its production to that building, where customers will be able to take tours, Voigtlander said.

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