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Triptych has created two limited production beers for Matsuri

As if you needed another reason to attend one of the best cultural events in our community; Triptych and Japan House have announced two special brews created specifically in honor of the 20th Anniversary of Japan House, and it will be served up at Matsuri this Sunday, September 9th. Here’s the description from Triptych:

First, we have ICHINICHI IPPO, meaning One Day, One Step, a hoppy ale featuring sencha tea and yuzu juice.

Second, MIRAI or Beautiful Future, references the MI (meaning beautiful) that appears in many of our family members names and middle names. This is a delicious sparkling lager featuring rice, koji and hops.

The exclusive artwork by festival vendor Maxx Sentowski each showcases a set of 3 women set under trees, one sakura and the other gingko, that form a heart when put together. Note the reference to our founder Kimiko Gunji as the Dragon, her Chinese birth symbol on MIRAI.

Planning to attend? Here’s the schedule of performances (all free except tea ceremonies, which require a ticket):

Here’s the festival layout:

And here’s where you can park for free, and there will be golf carts taking folks to and from the festival:

The Matsuri Facebook event offers a plethora of information, should you need to know more, or you can check out our review from last year to get an idea of what to expect. 

Top photo from Triptych’s Facebook page

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