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Triptych is going to be offering guest ciders

So apparently Governor Rauner signed important beer legistation this weekend, and there’s now a law in place in Illinois that will greatly benefit taprooms such as Triptych. HB 4897 loosens regulations on taprooms, allowing them to bring in guest brews to tap and sell in their establishments.

Triptych is taking this opportunity to start offering ciders. Here’s what they said about it in a Facebook post:

We’re excited to be able to offer something for folks who might be gluten-free or simply not into beer.

We’ll be rotating a number of ciders in and out of the tasting room as we try some things out. If you have a favorite, feel free to let us know about it and we’ll do our best to acquire it. We’re starting off with a simple mid-strength English cider from Aspall, 4.5% abv, we’d call it semi-sweet, medium-ish in body, and pretty refreshing for hot days.

Most of the time I’m on a spectrum of annoyed to enraged about things that Rauner is doing, so it’s nice to have an example of a positive contribution to the state of Illinois. 

Photo from Facebook

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