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Triptych is trying out beer delivery

It took a pandemic for all of our dreams to come true. 

Triptych is trying out delivery to Champaign, Urbana, and Savoy. Here’s the procedure, per their Facebook page:

Choose the beer you’d like, add the ‘DELIVER MY BEER’ item to your cart and check out as normal. We’ll call you to verify everything and then we’ll show up with your beer. Show us your ID through the window and we’ll drop it off on your porch.

For orders over $25 (excluding the delivery charge), you can receive free delivery by using the coupon code LENNY. If you’re unsure of where to put the coupon code, watch the video below! For orders under $25, the delivery fee is $5.

They put together a little video, in case you’re confused about the process:

If you happen to be out and about — driving, alone, in your car, not interacting with people — you can still do curbside pickup. Our household tried it this weekend and it was very easy. Note: Their new brew Velvet Feels (pictured above) is really quite amazing and worth a try. 
Photo from Triptych Facebook page.

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