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Try a tasty winter cocktail at Everyday Kitchen

I am a sucker for a seasonal cocktail menu. I love to see how bars and restaurants put a seasonal spin on classics. My spouse and I sampled a couple of the winter cocktails at Everyday Kitchen recently, and they were delicious. Both featured orange as a prominent flavor, but they were very different drinks.

A stemmed cocktail glass with a light yellow liquid sits on a light wood table. It has an orange peel garnish. Photo by Julie McClure.Photo by Julie McClure

The Orange 75 was a variation on the French 75, and was made with gin, orange curacao, blanc de blancs, and lemon juice. It was tart and refreshing, and I always feel a little fancier when I’m drinking something with bubbles. It was a good reminder that “winter” drinks don’t always have to be heavy. 

A rocks glass with light brown liquid and an orange slice is sitting on a light wood table. Photo by Julie McClure.Photo by Julie McClure.

The Winter Negroni was a classic Negroni (gin, sweet vermouth, and campari) with an addition of juniper-orange syrup. It was sweet with a hint of bitterness from the campari, and the syrup added such a nice herbal flavor. 

Everyday Kitchen has happy hour from 5 to 6 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday, featuring half price shareables as well as $1 off wine by the glass and beer, and $2 off well drinks (Tito’s Vodka, Bacardi Rum, Cuervo Tequila, Old Forester Bourbon Whiskey, and Beefeaters Gin). The above drinks are made with Beefeater, so you can try them at a discount. 

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Top photo by Julie McClure.

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