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U of I’s SHIELD Project is shutting down

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign SHIELD team members process saliva samples, testing for COVID-19 as they ru the university testing program in labs housed at the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. The labs have been expanded with the addition of robotic testing equipment, as well as a mobileSHIELD annex building.
SHIELD Illinois on Facebook

After three years and $348 million in federal funding, the University of Illinois’ non-profit organization SHIELD Illinois is shutting down. Federal COVID mandates and emergency resources ended today, May 11th. 

SHIELD offered saliva testing for COVID-19. According to their data, more than $7.2 million tests were administered. You can read the impressive story of SHIELD on this website, where there is a lot of data pointing to the program’s effectiveness. Some things I noticed: 

  • 142,713 positive cases were identified 
  • 2,208 testing sites
  • 325 employees and more than 1,000 contractors

Friendly reminder that science is cool and the COVID is not over, so stay home and / or wear a mask if you’re feeling unwell. 


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