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U of I drops to No. 14 party school in the United States

And now for a subject that will inevitably make longtime Champaign-Urbana residents roll their eyes: the Princeton Review’s annual party school rankings.

If you may remember, In 2015, the U of I took home first place in the rankings, which appear to have no basis in respectable logic of any kind. This year, however, our beloved Illini drop to the 14th position in the annual rankings. Bummer. Guess we’re gonna have to throw some super crazy ragers to get our stats back up.

Also, we lost to Maine…


To read the full rankings, check out the list below and the article here.

Princeton Review’s Top 20 Party Schools Of 2018:

1. Tulane University

2. West Virginia University

3. Bucknell University

4. Syracuse University

5. University of Wisconsin-Madison

6. University of Delaware

7. University of Colorado-Boulder

8.  Colgate University

9. Lehigh University

10. University of Maine

11. University of Iowa

12. University of California, Santa Barbara

13. University of Mississippi

14. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

15. University of Vermont

16. University of Rhode Island

17. University of Florida

18. Wake Forest University

19. University of Kansas

20. University of Alabama

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