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U of I Student Body President’s July 4th commentary sparks discussion

U of I Student Body President Raneem Shamseldin had some things to say about the United States on July 4th, stating “This country was explicitly built on genocide, slavery, pillage, and rape.”

Here’s her original post on Instagram, though her account is now private:

Here’s her post about an hour ago on Facebook:

I love this country, but it is an injustice to forget those who suffered and are still suffering to live a prosperous life here. On the Fourth of July, I captioned an Instagram post stating genocide, slavery, pillage, and rape built this country. Feel free to fact check me. I understand that many nations arose this way, per the article’s justification, but it does not excuse those atrocities. The same student who wanted to deport Muslims to the middle east and “blow it up” and asked me to accept her apology afterward when her comments became public, felt the need to share the post with conservative “news” sites to troll and harass me. Her actions and those found in the comments of these “news” sites only affirm my need to double down on my beliefs and what I stand for. At the same time, I do not expect this to be the last time that those who disagree with my opinions to try shutting me down. Rest assured, not faltering anytime soon. #decolonizeyourmind

Top photo by Hannah Auten.

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