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U of I & Illinois Wesleyan presidents speak Sunday at seminar

U of I President Dr. Robert Easter and Illinois Wesleyan President Dr. Richard Wilson join other distinguished panelists at a special Wesley Foundation 100th anniversary event:

  • Higher Education, Faith, and Good Works: The Interface of Academia and Faith on the Contemporary University Campus
  • Sunday at 3pm at the Wesley Foundation at the University of Illinois. 1203 W. Green St., Urbana
  • Fall Seminar 2013 Poster

Consider present and future university students—what are their values and goals? What is the role of faith and the campus churches / foundations in the students’
developing ambitions, career pathways and plans for the future? Do students today feel that their faith / belief system is helpful in making important decisions during
this critical period of their early adult lives? Do university goals for its students interface and align with the campus church’s resources and offerings to the students? Can and do these important institutions work together for the benefit of the students? Can today’s faculty members discuss their faith and beliefs in the university setting? Do students feel comfortable talking and demonstrating their faith on campus? Is there a difference between large public universities and small private universities in this regard?

Many college-age and other young adults today have an intense desire to become engaged in good works for the benefit of others. These young people may or may not consider themselves religious, but many think of themselves as spiritual persons who wish to give back to society. There seems to be a hunger to serve, particularly among the Millennial Generation. Can the university and faith-based organizations work together to develop such opportunities? Are there ways for the university and the campus church / foundation to augment each other in helping college students discover compassion and talents through experiencing the satisfaction that comes from service to others; experiences which may remain a positive influence for a lifetime?

Dr. Robert Easter – President, University of Illinois
Dr. Richard Wilson – President, Illinois Wesleyan University
Dr. Bruce Fouke – Director of Roy Carver Biotechnology Center, and Professor of Geology and Microbiology, University of Illinois
Rev. Dr. E. Paul Unger – Past Director of Wesley Foundation at the University of Illinois
Mr. Greg Damhorst – MD/PhD student at the University of Illinois, President of Illini Fighting Hunger, a UI registered student organization

This program is free of charge and open to the public.

For more information, contact
Donna Camp
Director of Community Services
Wesley Evening Food Pantry, Wesley United Methodist Church, &
Wesley Foundation at the University of Illinois
217-344-1120 [email protected]

Wesley Evening Food Pantry is a member of Community Shares of Illinois

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