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United Way’s newest Born Learning Trail installed at Human Kinetics Park

A field in the background and a sign that reads "welcome to the born learning trail"
United Way of Champaign County

The tenth Born Learning Trail by United Way has been officially installed. If you’re unfamiliar with these free, interactive paved paths for children, they’re located in Beardsley Park, Human Kinetics Park, Garden Hills Park, and Johnston Park in Champaign, Urbana Early Childhood School in Urbaba, Dana Colbert Park in Savoy, as well as parks in Rantoul and St. Joseph. Watch the video below and see the press release below that in regards to the newest one:

From the press release:

Champaign, IL, May 17, 2024 – Champaign County’s newest Born Learning Trail is now open at Human Kinetics Park, located at 1515 N. Market St., Champaign. Born Learning Trails transform everyday experiences into teachable moments for young children and their families. This installation marks the tenth Born Learning Trail in Champaign County.

The Born Learning Trail is an interactive, paved path featuring signs in English and Spanish that guide families through simple games and activities. These games are designed to make park visits both fun and educational, fostering early childhood learning and development.

The trail’s theme is “Watch! Stop! Learn! Play!” This encourages parents and caregivers to engage with their children, nurturing curiosity and confidence while highlighting learning opportunities in daily life.

Sue Grey, President & CEO of United Way of Champaign County, stated, “Born Learning Trails are one of many ways United Way of Champaign County is focused on improving Early Grade Level Success in our community. Everyone wins when we make learning fun and accessible to all. We are grateful to Human Kinetics volunteers who helped install the trail, and to the Champaign Park District for their willingness to include these Trails in our parks.”

Sarah Sandquist, Champaign Park District Executive Director, expressed similar enthusiasm: “We’re excited to add an additional Born Learning Trail to the Champaign Park District! Similar to our other locations, this addition to Human Kinetics Park will help engage children in playful learning. We are grateful to United Way and Human Kinetics for making this happen for our community!”

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