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Urbana Sandwich is a tasty musical treat coming to Gallery Art Bar

The image is divided into three distinct sections, each depicting different people and settings. In the first section, it appears to be a live music performance. One person is seen in a checkered shirt playing an electric guitar. Another person, dressed in all white, is also playing an electric guitar. A third person, also in all white, stands nearby, though their role or activity isn’t clear. Stage lights create glares and shadows around them. The middle section shows an individual sitting outside during daylight. They are dressed in a bright red outfit with long sleeves, complemented by a matching red hat. The last section features an individual standing outdoors with bare trees visible in the background, suggesting it might be the fall or winter season. They are dressed in a dark coat that contrasts with their light surroundings.
Garden Girl, Sunshine Scott, Taurus Hate Club

Gallery Art Bar in Urbana is gearing up for a unique musical treat with the launch of its new concert series, “Urbana Sandwich”. Conceived by Emily Otnes, a musician originating from Urbana and co-founder of the innovative At a Glance artist agency, this series promises to be a vibrant addition to the Champaign-Urbana music scene. Beginning in February, the event is scheduled for the first Thursday of every month, in collaboration with Gallery Art Bar. Otnes, inspired by the eclectic ambiance of Gallery Art Bar, envisioned a platform that blends the talents of local artists with those of touring musicians, creating a dynamic musical exchange. The series, co-sponsored by WEFT 90.1 FM, follows a novel format where two local acts bookend a touring artist, mirroring the ‘sandwich’ concept in its name. This setup not only brings a diverse range of music to the audience but also fosters connections between Champaign-Urbana musicians and their touring counterparts, enriching the local music community. The first show is Thursday, February 1st, and features local acts Garden Girl and Taurus Hate Club playing before and after Sunshine Scott from Nashville.

The image features a bright orange and white checkerboard background with a large red square in the center. Inside the red square, there’s green text advertising “Urbana Sandwich A CONCERT SERIES”. To the right, there are three smaller squares displaying individuals or groups. The first square shows a person wearing a pink top and playing a guitar. In the second square, an individual is dressed in blue attire with sunglasses and is surrounded by snow. The third square contains two people; one is wearing black clothing while the other is in white. Text on the right side indicates that this concert series involves one touring band sandwiched between two local bands. Logos at the bottom left corner represent “listen local: WEFT 90.1” and “AT A GLANCE” and "Gallery Art Bar".
Urbana Sandwich

Urbana Sandwich is more than just a concert series; it’s an expression of creativity and community bonding. Otnes’ inspiration drawn from vintage logos and a penchant for vibrant colors is evident in the retro-diner menu-inspired posters, adding a nostalgic yet refreshing vibe to the event. This thoughtful aesthetic complements the diverse genres of music that will grace the stage, promising an immersive experience for attendees. Bands and artists from C-U and beyond are encouraged to be a part of this exciting journey. For those looking to join future Urbana Sandwich lineups, applications are open, inviting a wide range of talent to contribute to this burgeoning musical tradition. If you or your band is interested in performing, fill out the application at this link. Whether you’re a local music enthusiast or a touring artist, Urbana Sandwich at Gallery Art Bar is set to become a staple event, promising a blend of great music, artistic community, and a splash of vibrant, retro charm.

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