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Urbana displays artwork by Jill Stroberger

From a press release:

The City of Urbana invites the public to view the latest Artist of the Corridor exhibition featuring Urbana artist Jill Stroberger. In this exhibition, Jill Stroberger reclaims odds and ends that she finds inherently beautiful into artworks, such as beads, wire, and wood. Her artwork is also heavily influenced by the natural world, in the forms, colors, and shapes of the landscape. Stroberger works with many different materials, such as acrylic on canvas and mixed media and collage that bring her surfaces out into the viewer’s shared space.

Jill Stroberger is a self-taught artist, currently living in Urbana, Illinois. She is also a topiary designer and gardener.

The Jill Stroberger exhibit is free, open to the public, and will be on display in the City Building lobby at 400 S. Vine Street in Urbana through November 2, 2014.

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