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Urbana Park District will participate in America Recycles Day on Saturday

America Recycles Day is a national event which encourages cities/towns and individuals to increase their recycling activities. Urbana Park District is hosting one of thousands of events happening this month, and they are making it a family-friendly post-Halloween-themed day at Anita Purves Nature Center. The event is free, and runs from 1 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, November 3rd.

Not sure what to do with those rotting pumpkins on your front step? Bring them for composting. Want to get a jump on next year’s costumes? Bring this year’s costumes and exchange them. There will also be recycled materials on hand for kids to make autumn crafts.

Kids can also make their own craft at home (with recycled materials) and bring it to the event for entry into the 5th Annual Creative Reuse Competition. 

Photo from Urbana Park District website

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