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Urbana reaches “compromise” to lower marijuana fine from $300 to $50

After the discussion surfaced about the City of Urbana potentially lowering fines for marijuana possession from $300 to just $5the News-Gazette is reporting that the new agreement lowers the fine from $300 to $50.

From the Gazoo:

URBANA — The Urbana City Council moved toward lowering the fine for possession of small amounts of marijuana from $300 to $50 on Monday.

At a standing-room-only meeting, the council, acting as a committee of the whole, reached the compromise and approved it with a 4-3 vote. It will take a final vote next week.

The lowered fine is a result of a compromise of two proposals — one by Alderman Aaron Ammons to lower the fine to $5 and one by Mayor Laurel Prussing to lower it to $100.

The move to $50 was made to gain a fourth vote, from Alderman Dennis Roberts, who said he would support no less than that amount.

He voted “yes” along with Charlie Smyth, Eric Jakobsson and Ammons, while Diane Marlin, Bill Brown and Mike Madigan voted “no.”

It goes to a final vote next week.

Just legalize it, people. This is getting silly. 

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