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Virginia Theatre’s getting more fly just in time for Ebertfest 2025

Photo of a crowed at an old theatre with a large stage and a red curtain.
Virginia Theatre

My heart went numb for a hot second when I saw the Virginia Theatre will close in January, 2025. The Virginia is going dark to upgrade the technology powering the fly space above the stage and to enhance other elements of the theatre. Whew. But it will be ready in plenty of time to host Ebertfest, Champaign-Urbana’s premiere film festival, next April 23-26, 2025. The Ebertfest folks took a poll since the film festival was either going to land on Easter weekend or Illinois marathon weekend next year and the votes are in: marathon weekend it is. It’ll be a busy weekend next April, but we’ll power through. Sounds like the renovations will be worth it.

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