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Visit the Krannert Art Museum Rest Lab

The front facade of Krannert Art Museum. The wall is all windows, and there are four white columns in front of it. A door is in the center of the wall, and there is green grass in front of the building.
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I am in for anything with “rest” in the name, and resting is what this space at KAM is all about. “Rest” implies a couple of different meanings: It’s a gallery space that is “resting” between exhibitions, and it’s a space where people can come and find a bit of rest.

From January 24th to February 11th, stop by the Contemporary Gallery on the main level to check it out. According to KAM, you are encouraged to “take a pause and sit, reflect, lie down, draw, listen, read, write, play, and experience the museum in your own restful way.”

There are a few planned events happening in this space over the next few weeks.

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