Smile Politely

Weekend fun and raunchiness

Carnivale Debauche isn’t the only bawdy spectacle in CU these days.

New Revels Players, a company I’ve been heavily involved with is (for tonight only) staging “An Adult Evening With Shel Silverstein.” And we’re not just tossing around the word “adult”. Leave the children at home, because this is NOT “The Giving Tree.”

This show, a grouping of several silly-to-disturbing shorts, will feature performances from Smile Politely contributors Danny Wolff, Erik Allgood, and myself.

Tonight, one-night-only, Channing-Murray, 8:00, five dollars at the door.

Some more info/directions here.

Curious about the work our company does? Check out Caleb’s old SP preview for Speed-the-Plow.


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