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What do we think about little “libraries” for doggos?

In my research for our little libraries map, I came across the following Tweet:

I thought it was super cute and remembered that a few years ago there was something similar, but with tennis balls, at Hessel Park (it was made in memory of someone’s pooch). Now that we are all spending so much time outside, taking so many walks, it had me thinking about how C-U seems like the perfect place for little libraries for dogs.

Yes, of course we have dog parks. And yes, of course your dogs should be leashed at the “human” parks. But we all know that doggos are capable of walking and carrying sticks or tennis balls at the same time. Plus, how adorable is it when you see a dog being walked and it has a toy or stick in its mouth? The most adorable, that’s how adorable.

What do you think, C-U? Should we start making little libraries for dogs in our yards? Do you already have something like this? Let us know what you think.

Top image by Jessica Hammie.


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