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Willard Airport launches a Fly Local campaign

The airport is encouraging local businesses, employers, and government officials to pledge to “Fly Local” when they considering their professional travel plans. Here are the details from the press release:

“Willard Airport is the hometown airport of Champaign-Urbana and all of the surrounding communities. It is a vital community asset which drives economic development and builds a vibrant and growing community,” says Gene Cossey, Executive Director of Willard Airport. “When you make the commitment to Fly Local, you and your business are committing to support the continued growth and development of our entire region.”

Pledging your support to Fly Local doesn’t commit an organization to only flying through Willard, it simply says you pledge to check Willard first while considering all travel expenses such as employee travel time, automobile reimbursement, and parking fees. The campaign could also potentially help when recruiting new airlines who see there is a need and a desire to support regional airports like CMI.

“When the community fully supports their hometown airport and demonstrates the
commitment to flying local, the airlines we are recruiting take notice,” says Cossey. “They see that you are not only willing to use your airport, but that your airport is always your first choice. They see the value of being in our community and you end up having more options with a much better community resource right in your own hometown.”

Several organizations such as the Champaign County Economic Development Corporation, Visit Champaign County, and Parkland College have already pledged their support. If you or your organization is interested in taking the pledge contact Ashley Hipsher, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications, at 217-244-7763 or [email protected].

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