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An emu walking down a road in front of a large green forested area.
Arnoud Buzing

Our Opinion section is mostly populated with our weekly Editorial Board offerings, but every once in a while someone with an opinion to share will reach out with a pitch. We’ve published articles on the foul smells emanating from Kraftthe emuschool district issuesjail phone calls, animal control — all because an interested community member had something to say. We’d love to see more perspectives in the section!

We know you have opinions. You often share them in comments on social media — that’s great. We want to have discourse about the articles we are sharing, and what is happening here in Champaign-Urbana. You can be for or against something, talk about a serious or more lighthearted topic, and you can even disagree with us or another opinion writer (as long as it doesn’t contradict our values of inclusivity and anti-racism).

If you have an opinion you’d like to put into writing, email us at [email protected] and we’ll chat.

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