Sophia Libman, a 14 year old Champaign resident, created a non-profit organization to provide free online activities for elementary students in the area. The organization is called X-Time, and the classes will feature gymnastics, writing, performing arts,math, martial arts, yoga, acting, cooking, coding, ballet, and more. In the month of September, kids can do martial arts with Dragon Claw Academy, performing arts with Class Act, Creative Writing with author Alice McGinty, and yoga with Amara Yoga and Arts.

From the press release:

Sophia chose the name X-Time because in math, “X” is the value that is not yet known. She hopes that these classes will show students the value in some areas that they don’t know about yet, and deepen their interests in areas that they may already enjoy. Also, the classes will change each week just like the value “X” in math changes.

Classes are free, but if families choose to donate the money will be given to United Way of Champaign County for the COVID-19 Relief Fund. 

Learn more, register your child for classes, or donate to the cause at the X-Time website

Screenshot from X-Time website.