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Yoga, baby goats, and beer at Riggs Brewery

a woman with blonde hair hovers in a plank position over a green yoga mat. She is wearing a black shirt and has a brown goat with horns balanced on her back. She is looking at the goat and laughing
Goats + Yoga by Willow City Farm on Facebook

On Saturday April 22nd, Willow City Farm will be teaming up with Riggs Beer Company for baby goat yoga. There will be a child friendly class at 11 a.m. and an adult class at 12 p.m. The tickets must be purchased in advance and are $45 for an adult and $25 for a child. It includes one drink ticket (if you’re over 21) and treats to encourage the goats to come up to you during class. This class is very informal and there will be a lot of opportunities to take pictures and interact with all the baby goats. They also just announced that they will be adding seven Great Pyrenees puppies to the line up too. The rain date is April 23rd so watch their site for updates.

The pictures shows five white puppies with black markings. They are laying in the dirt under a small arched tunnel. The puppy in the middle is standing. The two on the right and left are laying together there are goats in the background.
Goats + Yoga by Willow City Farms on Facebook

Goats and Yoga by Willow City Farm

Riggs Beer Company


Saturday April, 22nd at 11 a.m. or 12 p.m.


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