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You can bulk up at Common Ground today and tomorrow

What is your experience with the bulk aisle at Common Ground? Are you a regular user? An every once in a while user? A never user? I will admit, sometimes I feel intimidated by the bulk aisle. However, it can be a really good way to save money and also create less waste. The Co-op is making a concerted effort in 2020 to encourage its shoppers to use their reusable bags and containers. Today and tomorrow, January 23rd and 24th, they are offering a little incentive to try out the whole bulk buying thing.

You can get 20% off all bulk product these next two days, and if you bring your own containers for bulk items you’ll get 25% off. Forgot a container? Check for their stash of jars near the bulk aisle, which have been donated by customers and sanitized and repurposed for your use.

Top image: A poster with a white background that says BULK FLASH SALE. Each letter in the word “bulk” is filled with a photo of a different type of dried bean or lentil. “Flash sale” is in red lettering. Image from Common Ground Co-op Facebook page.

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