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You need these breakfast tacos from La Paloma

Please, do yourself a favor and swing by the La Paloma truck at Urbana’s Market at the Square this Saturday. Last week I tried their breakfast tacos and decided that they need to be a regular fixture in my life.

First, as you can see from the photo, these things are loaded. To be honest, I could barely close the corn tortillas around all of the filling. No worries though, I dug in with a fork to help thin the contents. There was a layer of chorizo, layered with scrambled eggs, topped with some pico de gallo, and finished off with some chipotle mayo. They also included a bit of salsa verde on the side. The hearty meat and egg base was balanced perfectly by the fresh tomato, onion, and cilantro in the pico. The mayo added a smoky and creamy finish to the tacos, and the salsa added a nice bit of tanginess. 

The tacos were filling and delicious, and cost about $7. 

Find the truck for breakfast at the market every Saturday. They also regularly appear on campus, and at Riggs and Triptych. Follow them on Facebook or call them at 217-621-7284 to find out their locations for the week. 

Top photo by Julie McClure.

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