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You should attend CobraFest this Saturday in Tolono

The Loose Cobra‘s somewhat-annual CobraFest is this Saturday, June 16th in Tolono. It is one of the highlights of this week in live music, without question. There are a bunch of bands lined up, plus plenty to drink and eat while you’re out there. You can read an article I wrote about CobraFest from a few years back when Hum performed.

Damn, that was from 2016? Where does the time go.

Anyway, if you’re so inclined, please read this wonderful press release from the Loose Cobra. Just look, Talbott is really crushing it here — he’s got all the bands booked already, and there’s “talks of a porta-potty”. This is big news. This is why the Cobra is the best.

For Immediate Release:

The Loose Cobra in Tolono, IL is pleased to announce Volume I of its 2018 Summer Music Series. “CobraFest” will take place Saturday, June 16 on the Loose Cobra grounds and will feature an entirely local line-up performing on two stages. Doors open at 2:00 and performances will be on the following schedule:

16 Tons (5:00)

Bardo (5:55)

Terminus Victor (6:45)

Our Landmark (7:40)

The Dry Look (8:30)

Lonely Trailer (9:25)

ZXO (10:15)

Indoor and outdoor bar service (including a Tiki Bar and Bourbon Barn) and Betsy’s Bistro food truck will round out the amenities. While no official cover will be charged, guests are strongly encouraged to bring a donation of $10 – $15 to help the Cobra pay the bands and cover costs. Donations can be made upon entry or at any time throughout the day in any of the available glowing orange buckets. Guests are strongly encouraged to put money into the buckets, but not take any out. Patrons can further support the event by purchasing a Loose Cobra T-shirt for, say, 100 dollars.

When pressed for further details, owner/operator Matt Talbott said only that he felt “way out in front on this one” and would normally, at this point, still be deciding on which bands to book. Adding, “This could be a big one. There’s talk of a porta-potty.” 

As far as what’s in store for Volumes II, III and IV, Mr. Talbott suggested that any guess was as good as his. Those considering attending are encouraged to follow The Loose Cobra on Facebook for daily updates on parking, safe rides, drink specials, and more. And, in all seriousness, Matt loves his local music community and feels privileged to be a part of and to serve it. Specific thanks are in order to the participating bands, Bentley’s Pub, Triptych Brewery, Hogchute Opry, and the village of Tolono.

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